The Toy House
I saw this toy house at an attorney’sĀ  office in Iola, Wisconsin some years ago. He used it to house toys for the children to play with during their parents visit to his office.

I envisionedĀ  each child having one of these houses for their own toys. I have come up with the following voluntary rules.

1. All of the toys must be back in their toy house before bedtime or they loose a left out toy
for 2 days.
2. A child can only have as many toys as can fit in their “house” .
3. Exception to Rule #2: Child may have, in addition, several large toys (bicycle, wagon, etc):
number to be determined by the parent.
4. The child, upon getting new toys, shall have 2 weeks to determine what toys they will
keep; they can only keep what will fit in the house.

5. The toys that they decide not to keep shall be wrapped with their own hands and given to

a child, with their own hands, that needs one.
6. The child shall have the option, on their birthday, to paint/decorate their house any way
they wish.
7. A lock could be added, at an appropriate time to be determined by the parent, to insure
some privacy for the child. I think a child would consider it to be very cool to have a place
they could lock up some treasured possession (parents to have a key for access).


This toy house could be made in any size. The idea is to have a reasonable amount of toys,

teach sharing, decision making and responsibility.
We will be offering plans in 2 sizes.
Also, We will be offering a very sturdy, reasonably sized toy house for you to assemble.